Fishmeal ConKix


Con-Kix is a full-meal, made by the most fresh raw materials. The meal is produced under very careful conditions. The total time of process is merely 15 minutes. The meal is produced in an separated plant.

The boiling process takes place in comthermboilers, in which the fish is heated up gradually till about 92 C in a course of 2 minutes. The liquid has its own falling film evaporation-plant, with a small volume, so that the finished concentrate returns to the meal within 15 minutes. Drying takes place in an air-drier, where the water flashes off almost instantaneously. The product is therefore dried within a few seconds.

Con-Kix Meal has a very high biological value, and some physical qualities (high oil and water-binding capacity), which makes it attractive as salmon feed.


TVN in the raw material at entrance in boiler:

Max. 45 mgN/100g

Crude fat:

Basis 71% Min. 68%

Crude fat (soxhlet):

Max. 11,5%​


Min. 6% Max. 10%

Ashes, saltfree

typical 11%: Max. 14%

Salt (NaCl)

Max. 3,0%

NH3-N (typical 0,095-0,1%):

Max. 0,18%

Water soluble protein

Min. 20% Max. 32%

Mink digestibility (typical 93-95%):

Min. 91%


Max. 1000 pp

Antioxidant (added before and after drier):

​200 ppm


25 kg multiply paperbags with one layer coated

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